Arkblu Philanthropies


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

The commitment of Arkblu Philanthropies is enshrined in the two pillars that form the focus of our philanthropic giving and partnership development activities.

Building Bridges

We believe building bridges in the form of people-to-people links across international borders is the surest way of ensuring peace while supercharging humankind's potential. Using our extremely fortunate position, we believe that fostering solidarity between the East and the West, as well as between neighbours in our region, particularly between our youth, promotes ingrained understanding and harmony between nation states.

Examples of key initiatives and organisations we support include:

  • Bilateral and multilateral youth associations
  • Bilateral business mentoring initiatives
  • Asia-focused think tanks
  • Economic Empowerment

    We believe many of the systemic economic challenges surrounding developing economies can be addressed through empowering microentrepreneurship. Microbusinesses are the growth engine for many of the world's frontier and emerging communities. Empowering micro- and small-sized businesses allows communities to cultivate their own inherent strengths and spearhead their own growth story.

    Examples of key initiatives and organisations we support include :

  • Local microfinance institutions (MFIs)
  • Venture-backed MSME tech enterprises